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Potential Homeownership Demand Unfazed By Rising Rates

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What Does California's Solar Panel Mandate Mean for Affordability, and April Housing Starts Data Signal Optimism

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The Link Between Wage Growth and House-Buying Power

What Drives Loan Application Defect Risk at the Local Level?

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The Market Dynamics Fueling the Great Housing Shortage

Two Trends Signal Housing Supply Relief on the Way

Busting the Myth of the Millennial Renter Generation

Will Wage Growth Continue -- One Number May Tell the Story

Will the Return of ARMs Lead to Surging Loan App Defect Risk?

Will Rising Mortgage Rates Hurt House prices?

How High is Too High for Mortgage Rates?

Coming Soon: More Housing Supply?

Will the Tax Code Changes Influence House Prices or Market Supply and Demand?

What Does Faster Inflation and Rising Mortgage Rates Mean for Housing?

Does High Rise = High Risk?

How Wage Growth Both Helps and Hurts Housing Affordability

How Will Rising Rates Impact Home Sales?

Is Relief for the Housing Supply Shortage on the Way?

Where is house-buying power the strongest?

Do Rising Rates Mean Rising Defect Risk?

The Affordability Crisis That Isn't

Two Reasons Why the Housing Reservoir is Running Dangerously Low

Housing Market Potential Little Changed, But Will the Supply Shortage Continue in 2018?

What Does the First Release of Housing Data in 2018 Say About the Housing Market?

Where is Defect Risk ‘Naughty’ or ‘Nice’?

The Drag on Affordability Explained

Tightening Supply Squeezes Market Potential

Outlook for Real Estate Rises Despite Supply Constraints

Best Cities to Maximize Borrowing Power for First-Time Home Buyers

Loan Defect Risk Stabilizes Nationally, But Surges in Florida and Texas

What’s Behind September’s Surprise Increase in Affordability?

What's Keeping the Market Below Potential?

Five Best Cities for Economic Opportunity

Many Experts Miss the Point on Mortgage Rates and Affordability for First-Time Home Buyers

Will Post-Disaster Mortgage Fraud Risk Trends Play Out in Florida and Texas?

Will August Uptick in Affordability Continue?

Hesitant Homeowners and Hurricanes Hit Housing Market

What is Elevating Identity- and Collateral-Based Fraud Risk?

Supply Squeeze Tightens Grip on Affordability in July

Will Quantitative Un-Easing Make Housing Unaffordable?

How Will Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Impact Housing Market Potential?

We Crowd-Sourced the Reason for Housing Supply Shortages

Outlook for Real Estate Falls in Third Quarter Amid Rate Uncertainty

What the Post-Katrina Real Estate Market Can Tell us About Hurricane Harvey’s Impact on Houston

Will the Fed’s Actions in September Increase Loan Defect Risk?

The Fundamental Underlying Issue in the Housing Market

The Struggle is Real for First-Time Homebuyers

What Are the Prospects for Future Homeownership Demand?

Streak of Consecutive Months with Rising Loan Application Defect Risk Reaches Seven

What Caused Real House Price Growth to Cool in May?

The Persistent Force Behind Lower Affordability

When Does a Home Become a Prison?

Which Markets are Wilting Under a Loan Defect Risk ‘Heat Wave’?

What Caused Real House Prices to Decline for the First Time in 8 months?

Housing Market Faces Dilemma as Millennial Demand Continues to Grow

Here’s Why a Fed Rate Increase Does Not Matter to the Housing Market

Outlook for Real Estate Market Surges in Second Quarter Amid Strong Demand

What’s Behind the Five-Month Trend in Loan Defect Risk?

Supply Squeeze Sends Real House Prices Higher

Market Potential Caught in the Crosswinds of Surging Demand and Tightening Inventory

Does a Strong Sellers’ Market Mean Increased Loan Defect Risk?

What’s Behind the Surge in Real House Prices?

Do Unexplained Homeownership Gaps Exist?

Market Potential Remains Flat, But Is Tight Inventory Relief on the Way?

The $1 Trillion Question for Housing in 2017

Housing Affordability Ticks Up, But What Does That Mean for Spring Home Buying?

What is the Connection Between Higher Mortgage Rates and Defect, Fraud and Misrepresentation Risk?

Rising Rates Outweigh Influence of Economic Momentum on Market Potential

Can you Spring Break into Homeownership?

Improved Real Estate Outlook Suggests Strong Spring Market

Top 5 Most and Least Affordable Housing Markets Amid Higher Rates

Two Trends Poised to Trigger Potential Surge in Homeownership Demand this Spring

What’s Behind the December Dip in Housing Affordability?

Market Composition Shift Accelerating Loan Application Defect Risk?

Market Potential Continues Slide in January as Higher Rates Reduce Supply

Money Matters Radio Interview – Does Marriage Matter to Homeownership?

Is Love the Answer to Declining Homeownership?

Just in Time for the Big Game: The Housing Benefit of Football Fandom

Rising Rates and Strong Nominal Price Growth Halt Six-Month Run of Increasing Affordability

Defect Risk Rises Modestly on Shift toward Purchase-Dominated Market

Infographic - Why Did Market Potential Pull Back in December?

Rising Mortgage Rates Dampen Market Potential in December

Three Reasons to Remain Bullish on Housing

Automation of Verification Tools to Drive Risk Improvements in 2017

Affordability Improves Nationally Based on Wage Growth, Although Not for Many Major Markets

Home [ownership] for the Holidays

Real Estate Outlook Declines on Election Uncertainty and Heightened Expectations for Fed Rate Hikes

Rising Mortgage Rates Expected to Cool Market Potential In 2017

What a Difference an Election Makes

A North-South Divide Emerges in Defect, Fraud and Misrepresentation Risk

Wage Growth Contributes to Increased Affordability in Most Major Markets

CNBC Interview: Discussing the impact of the election on interest rates, future of technology in real estate finance

Lack of Affordable Inventory Keeps Market Below Potential

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Homeownership

Seeking Certainty Again

Buy, Buy Millennials!

Millennial First-Time Homebuyer Demand Does Not Increase Defect, Fraud and Misrepresentation Risk

Housing Starts – Just Keeping Up with the Millennials

Bloomberg Radio Interview – Fleming says Housing is More Affordable

Low Rates and Increased Wages Increase Affordability for U.S. Home Buyers in Almost All Major Markets

Crowd-Sourced Title Agent Projections More Accurate than Many Economic Forecasts

Interview on Bloomberg TV: Discussing Housing Starts, Millennial Home Buying and More

Market is Missing Its Potential Due to Tight Supply

Automation Angst – The Polarization of the Labor Market in the 21st Century

Loan Application Defect and Fraud Risk Declines Due to Increased Demand for FHA Purchase Loans

Affordability in Almost All Major Markets Continues to Improve in July

Market Potential Improves on the Back of Gains in Income

Refinance Boom and Compliant Loan Production Processes Keeping Loan Defect Rate at Low Point

Business Insider Interview - 13 Markets Where Affordability is Declining

Foreign Monetary Stimulus a Positive for U.S. Consumer House-Buying Power

Market Hovering at Potential in Era of Many Housing “Positives”

The Power of Leverage

HousingWire - This is Why Homeownership Hit an All-Time Low

Loan Application Defect and Fraud Risk Declined Due to Benefits of Low Mortgage Rates

Era of Uncertainty Continues to Drive Consumer House-Buying Power

Did the Housing Market Rebound Red or Blue?

Market at Potential in Era of Low Interest Rates and Job Growth

Loan Application Defect and Fraud Risk Reaches Historically Measured Low Point

“Brexit” Decision Uncertainty Contributed to Consumer House-Buying Power

Optimism for growth in real estate transactions improves substantially over last quarter

Market Activity Moves Closer To Potential

TheStreet.com - The Fed Holds Off on Rate Hike: Here’s what it means for your wallet

Really, How Important is That Rate Hike?

Home Sellers Who Don't Want to be Buyers

Economic Turnaround in Detroit is Fast Improving its Defect Risk Profile

Let’s Get Real - Introducing the Real House Price Index (RHPI)

Market Activity Impeded from Potential

U.S. News & World Report - Are We Headed for Another Housing Crisis?

A Tale of Two Economies – Investing in U.S. Commercial Real Estate

Relationship Between Educational Attainment and Homeownership Becoming More Important

Loan Defect and Fraud Risk Emerging in Southern States

Discussing the duality dilemma keeping home sales below potential - TheStreet.com interview

Existing-Home Sales Falling Short of Potential

Loan Defect and Fraud Risk Declining Due to Compliance-Related Investments

Title agent expectations for real estate market transactions weaken in the first quarter, according to Q1 2016 Real Estate Sentiment Index

Market Activity Continues to Track Potential

How Long Will Rates Stay Low

Why Housing Economists Get Excited About March

Introducing the State of Homeownership resource page and whitepaper

Market Close To Achieving Its Potential

A Lackluster Housing Wealth-Creation Engine in South Carolina?

A Tale of Two Incomes - Income Inequality and Homeownership

Fear the Boom and the Bust: A Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem

Mortgage Defect and Fraud Risk Declining in Super Tuesday States

Is China Keeping U.S. Mortgage Rates at Historic Lows?

Mortgage fraud and misrepresentation risk very low in Iowa

The Persistent REO

Market Potential Unaffected By Know-Before-You-Owe

Infographic – Q4 2015 Real Estate Sentiment Index

What to Look for in Housing in 2016

Fraud and misrepresentation risk concentrating in Florida

The Wisdom of the Crowd: Myth or Reality?

Rising Rates Cool Long-Run Potential Home Sales In November

The Price of Admission to Homeownership

Homeownership Has a New Home

The Bust of the Dakota “Oil Rush”

Real Estate Sentiment Index: Title agents feel a Fed rate increase will impact first-time homebuyer demand most

Based on FHFA Adjustment Technique, Loan Limit Not Likely To Increase

Ability-to-Pay Rules Reduce Income-Related Fraud Risk

Expectations of a Rate Increase Dampens Housing in October

A Conversation about Homeownership

Introducing the First American Homeownership Progress Index (HPRI)

Loan Application Defect Index Falls 1.2 percent in September

Existing-Home Sales Capacity Decreases 0.1 Percent In September

Fear and loathing in homeownership

HELOCS Poised to Surge

Introducing the First American Future Transaction Index (FTI)

Loan Application Defect Index Falls 2.4 percent in August

Existing-Home Sales Capacity Increases 0.4 Percent In August

Does A Fed Rate Increase Doom Housing?

The Demographics of Homeownership

Existing-Home Sales Capacity Decreases 0.4 Percent in July — Market Capacity Nears Equilibrium

Is the American Dream an American Reality?

I, House: The Complexity and Far-Reaching Benefits of Homeownership

Anything But Normal Is The New Normal - Risk Intelligence Forum

How low have the mighty fallen? Comparing housing market recession and recovery.

Introducing the First American Loan Application Defect Index

Existing-Home Sales Capacity Decreases 1.7 Percent in June

One Country’s Pain is Another One’s Gain

"Stay In School, Kid" - The Relationship Between Education and Income

Talking About My Generation: Millennials Waiting for Homeownership

Equity For All

Differences in Homeownership Rates Across Age and Ethnicity - Part 2

The Causes of Differences in Homeownership Rates Across Age and Ethnicity

Economists Agree To Disagree On Causes Of Economic Stagnation

The Housing Market Is An Underachiever

Are Housing Numbers Weird?

Finding the Fraudulent Needle in the Haystack

The State of the Housing Recovery - FOX Business TV

FED Decides Against Interest Rate Hike - MReport

March Home Sales Trim Negative Equity, Tighten Inventory but Still Fall Short - Inman News

Raising Rates Can Be Good For The Housing Market

Negative Equity Drags Home Sales - New York Times

February Existing Home Sales Down in the Northeast - Boston.com

Is the housing market still underperforming? FOX Business

Limited Equity Limiting Home Sellers from Entering the Market - CBS World News Roundup