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Will First-Time Home Buyer Demand Withstand Rising Rates?

By Mark Fleming on June 12, 2018

Given the strong likelihood of rising mortgage rates in 2018, many savvy real estate market observers are curious how rising rates may impact demand, especially among millennial first-time home buyers. As part of our quarterly First American Real Estate Sentiment Index (RESI), we recently surveyed title insurance agents and real estate professionals across the nation for their perspective on how sensitive they thought first-time home buyers were to rising mortgage rates and at what rate they would withdraw from the market.

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Quoted On Forbes.com: Rising Rates Can Increase Housing Demand

By FirstAm Editor on June 7, 2018

First American Chief Economist Mark Fleming was quoted Tuesday in a feature article on Forbes.com, explaining how rising rates can increase housing demand.

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Interview On CNBC: Explaining The Link Between Rising Rates, Housing Supply And Affordability

By FirstAm Editor on May 18, 2018

First American Chief Economist Mark Fleming was interviewed yesterday on CNBC and explained the link between rising rates, housing supply and affordability.

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Busting The Myth Of The Millennial Renter Generation

By Mark Fleming on April 13, 2018

It’s a popular myth – the millennial generation is destined to be a generation of renters – avocado toast, anyone? With student loan debt burdens, the scars of the Great Recession, and limited housing supply, the myth is rooted in some real challenges for millennials. However, despite these challenges, millennials are not only interested in homeownership, they are the primary reason that the homeownership rate increased over the past year.

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What Are The Prospects For Future Homeownership Demand?

By Mark Fleming on August 17, 2017

We’ve posted the annual First American Homeownership Progress Index (HPRI), which measures how a variety of lifestyle, societal and economic factors influence homeownership rates over time at national, state and market levels. The HPRI declined 0.4 percent year-over-year, and is down 6 percent from the pre-recession peak. Potential homeownership demand is at the same level it was in 1990.

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Housing Market Faces Dilemma As Millennial Demand Continues To Grow

By Mark Fleming on June 20, 2017

First American’s proprietary Potential Home Sales model examines May 2017 data and includes analysis from First American Chief Economist Mark Fleming on how the real estate market is performing versus its potential.

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Can You Spring Break Into Homeownership?

By Mark Fleming on March 16, 2017

Spring break is fast approaching, that playful time of year when beach cities are inundated with college students and tourists. As housing economists, spring break is exciting because it coincides with the beginning of the spring home buying season! While we may not seem to have much in common with the college crowd, there is an underlying connection: education.

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Money Matters Radio Interview – Does Marriage Matter To Homeownership?

By FirstAm Editor on February 17, 2017

First American Chief Economist Mark Fleming is interviewed on Money Matters Radio in Boston and shares his perspective on the connection between marriage, declining homeownership rates, and Millennial home buying.

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Is Love The Answer To Declining Homeownership?

By Mark Fleming on February 13, 2017

For Valentine’s Day, we pondered the question, could more love lead to an increase in homeownership? This is a serious question because marriage and homeownership, perhaps the two most enduring institutions of our society, have shaped the economic fortunes of many Americans.

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Three Reasons To Remain Bullish On Housing

By Mark Fleming on January 17, 2017

Last week, I participated in the 2017 Housing Market Forecast and Homebuyer Trends webinar hosted by the American Land Title Association (ALTA).  Jessica Lautz, a consumer research expert from the National Association of Realtors, and I discussed how the real estate market is changing and what we can expect. We tried to answer the question posed in the title of the webinar, “Has the Game Changed?

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