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Does Greater Educational Achievement Increase The Likelihood Of Homeownership?

By Odeta Kushi on October 14, 2021

We’re often told that education is the key to a more secure financial future. Most people spend at least 12 years of their lives as students and even more if they pursue higher education. But does more education equate t... Read More›

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Will Housing Market Seasonality Return To Normal?

By Odeta Kushi on September 17, 2021

September is commonly associated with the beginning of the school year, but it also signals the end of the peak home buying season. The tapering of the housing market in September is part of its normal annual cycle, whic... Read More›

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Why Owning A Home Was Cheaper Than Renting In All 50 Top U.s. Markets

By Odeta Kushi on August 16, 2021

When potential first-time home buyers consider making the transition to homeownership, they ask themselves whether it makes more financial sense to keep renting, or to buy. The pandemic has undoubtedly impacted that calc... Read More›

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Pandemic Accelerated 'roaring 20s' Of Millennial Homeownership Demand

By Odeta Kushi on June 29, 2021

National Homeownership Month takes on a ne... Read More›

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Will The End Of Forbearance Trigger A Wave Of Foreclosures?

By Odeta Kushi on May 4, 2021

Following the rapid contraction in U.S. economic activity because of the outbreak of COVID-19, millions of Americans took advantage of payment suspension and mortgage forbearance programs. At the peak in June 2020, appro... Read More›

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Top Five Cities For Lower-income Renters To Pursue The Dream Of Homeownership

By Odeta Kushi on April 14, 2021

In the fourth quarter of 2020, the median renter experienced a 10 percent boost to their house-buying power relative to one year ago, but the share of homes they could afford to buy declined by 4 percentage points due to... Read More›

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