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Housing Market Potential Poised To Grow In 2021

By Odeta Kushi on February 18, 2021

At the onset of 2021, positive housing market dynamics powered growth in the market potential for existing-home sales, offsetting negative market supply dynamics. Millions more millennials will age into their prime home-... Read More›

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Is The Economy Stuck In Neutral?

By Odeta Kushi on February 3, 2021

When determining where to set the federal funds rate, the Federal Reserve studies a multitude of models and analyses, including the neutral rate of interest. The neutral “what” you ask? The neutral rate of interest is th... Read More›

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Don’t Overlook The Benefit Of Equity When Considering Whether To Rent Or Own

By Odeta Kushi on January 25, 2021

As nominal house prices have soared over the last year, many potential first-time home buyers may be reconsidering whether to buy or to continue renting. Weighing the monthly cost of renting versus owning a home is a key... Read More›

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Will Record Equity Levels Prevent A Foreclosure Tsunami?

By Odeta Kushi on December 23, 2020

In spite of the record-setting spike in unemployment at the outset of the pandemic, foreclosure activity in 2020 has Read More›


Why The Student Loan Debt Burden Is Overstated

By Odeta Kushi on November 19, 2020

Student loans are often cited as an insurmountable barrier to homeownership for young home buyers. It is true that student loan debt levels are higher today than a generation ago, but is it preventing potential home buye... Read More›

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Homeownership Remains Strongly Linked To Wealth-building

By Odeta Kushi on November 5, 2020

Economists study homeownership and policymakers often emphasize it because homeownership is an effective way to build wealth, especially for low-income households. In fact, quantifying the wealth-building power of homeow... Read More›

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