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Are you eligible for a 1031 exchange?

1031 Exchange Tax-deferred exchange closing settlement services

If you own an investment property and are looking to sell, you may want to consider a 1031 tax-deferred exchange. This wealth-building tool can help you sell one investment property and purchase another while deferring taxes, including federal capital gains taxes, state capital gains taxes, the recapture of depreciation and the newly implemented 3.8% Medicare Tax, which can significantly increase your buying power.

What you should know about the Good Faith Estimate [VIDEO]

GFE Good Faith Estimate Understanding Settlement Services Title Insurance and Closing

When you apply for a mortgage your lender will send you a Good Faith Estimate, also known as a GFE. This standardized government form lets you review your potential loan and estimates the costs of the settlement services you'll be responsible for paying if your loan application is approved.

What you may not know about the Good Faith Estimate (GFE)

Good Faith Estimate, GFE, mortgage closing, settlement services, title insurance

The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act requires a mortgage lender to issue a Good Faith Estimate to all potential borrowers. When you apply for a mortgage, make sure you receive this form from your lender.

Happy Thanksgiving from First American!

Thanksgiving First American Title Insurance Company

As American as apple pie (or title insurance, for that matter!), Thanksgiving is a time when we can reflect on our blessings and spend time with loved ones. This year, take some inspiration from these great quotes and have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

What is a tolerance cure?

HUD 1 Title Insurnace GFE Tolerance Cure

Whether you're new to the homebuying process or a seasoned veteran, the concept of a tolerance cure might still be a little hazy to you. But it's an important to term to know, because it protects you from overpaying some of your loan costs. Even if you have a real estate professional to guide you through these unfamiliar terms, it's still a good idea to go into a closing with your own knowledge about a tolerance cure.

Would you buy a haunted house?


Every night you hear the floorboards creak from footsteps when no one is home, and you swear you felt someone standing behind you only a moment ago. Living in a house with these kinds of creepy occurrences may not be appealing to most, but a recent survey from found that a number of Americans would actually be willing to buy a haunted house.

The online real estate site's Haunted Housing Report asked respondents how they feel about "haunted" real estate. Here is what the data showed:

myFirstAm™ Integrates Cloud-Based Information Folders and Storage Locations

mfa cloud

Staying organized is easier said than done – especially when you’re a busy, on-the-go real estate professional. To help facilitate better organization, some real estate agents have turned to leveraging cloud-based services that boost efficiency and productivity, while at the same time helping them go paperless.

10 Steps to Buying a Home [VIDEO] Part 2

steps to buying a home closing and settlement first american title

Part of the First American New Homebuyer Education Series

10 Steps to Buying a Home [VIDEO] Part 1

buying a home title insurance closing services first american title

Part of the First American New Homebuyer Education Series

10 Steps to Buying a Home [Infographic]

10 steps title thumb

Are you ready to buy a home? While it may not be as easy as 1, 2, 3 - but it might be as easy as 1-10. While a variety of factors can affect the ease and timing of your transaction, a few basic steps are universal in most purchases. 

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