Interviews on NPR and Discussing Millennial Homeownership and the 2019 Spring Home Buying Season

First American Deputy Chief Economist Odeta Kushi provided perspective on millennial homeownership in an interview with National Public Radio and Chief Economist Mark Fleming’s expectations for the spring home buying season were featured in a article earlier this month.

Deputy Chief Economist Odeta Kushi on millennial homeownership:

“It's not that they're not going to buy homes. It's just that they'll purchase these homes later in life. This generation will still yield the wealth benefits from becoming a homeowner, which I think is the key point.”


Listen to the February 1 NPR Story:

Chief Economist Mark Fleming on the upcoming spring home buying season:

“Home buying power will likely increase as we get closer to the spring home buying season. Household income continues to rise modestly, and I expect mortgage rates to decrease further given the recent decrease in rates driven by volatility in the financial markets and the Fed’s indication that it may have paused rate increases.”


Read the February 1 Story:

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