Equity For All

This month in Mortgage Banking Magazine, I have an article entitled “Equity For All” in which I discuss the importance of homeownership for economic mobility and growth. This is particularly important today as the homeownership rate is at 25 year lows and some are suggesting that it may even fall further (see the recent research from Urban Institute).


There is a large body of research that shows the benefits of homeownership including wealth creation, improved intergenerational economic mobility, and non-pecuniary benefits within the community.  Given the bipartisan concern about wealth and income inequality being expressed by many of the presidential candidates, it’s important to point out that policies that sustainably promote homeownership can have the added benefit of improving economic mobility and even possible increasing the potential growth rate for our economy.

If you have a subscription to Mortgage Banking magazine I encourage you to read the full article. You can also download a copy by clicking below. 


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