What’s Behind the Surge in Industrial Cap Rates?

By Xander Snyder on February 23, 2024
Though the industrial market is softening compared to the pandemic days of double-digit rent growth and record-low vacancy, it is far from weak. Despite slowing rent growth and modestly rising vacancies, demand to lease industrial space remains strong, driven by long-term trends such as rising eCommerce sales, retailers’ need for modern logistics ... Read More

Commercial Real Estate industrial real estate Potential Cap Rate Model

CRE X-Factor: Outlook for Industrial Real Estate Remains Positive, Despite Dip from Record-Setting 2021

By Xander Snyder on March 13, 2023
Industrial space remains in high demand across the country, despite announcements of tabled expansion plans from eCommerce companies and retail store closures. That strong demand has fueled record levels of construction that will ease price and rent growth to more moderate, single-digit rates as the new industrial supply comes to market. The ... Read More

Commercial Real Estate industrial real estate

Supply Chain Lessons Shape Long-Term Industrial Real Estate Demand

By Xander Snyder on March 6, 2023
Demand to lease and own industrial space remains robust, despite a general cooling of commercial real estate (CRE) activity occurring across asset classes. Net absorption, a measure of leasing demand relative to available space, remained high in the fourth quarter of last year compared with historical levels, at 112 million square feet. Though ... Read More

Commercial Real Estate industrial real estate

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