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Understanding Title Insurance for Distressed Properties

By First American NCS on March 22, 2024
Understanding the importance of distressed properties is crucial for navigating an unpredictable real estate market. Distressed properties refer to assets whose financial health has deteriorated, meaning the current owner is unable to maintain the ...
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Title Camp 2 2023: What is Mezzanine Finance and Understanding the Appeal to Investors

By UCC Division on May 10, 2023
The term mezzanine finance originates from a building metaphor – certain structures would often place a café or other retail on the mezzanine, a floor between the first and second floor. Mezzanine financing for commercial real estate is not entirely debt ...
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Everyday Ethics and More Lessons for the Overworked Commercial Attorney

By Spencer Compton on April 6, 2022
Ethics are an important component of our everyday lives, especially in business and in commercial real estate transactions. Ethics are the moral principles that guide a person’s behavior, or a code of moral principles practiced by a group of people, such ...
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(Webinar Replay)CMBS: Buyer Beware or Full Steam Ahead

By Ann Hambly on May 30, 2016
If you have a CMBS loan maturing before 2018, you’ll want to hear about your options!
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