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Understanding Title Insurance for Distressed Properties

By First American NCS on March 22, 2024
Understanding the importance of distressed properties is crucial for navigating an unpredictable real estate market. Distressed properties refer to assets whose financial health has deteriorated, meaning the current owner is unable to maintain the ...
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Title Camp 3 2023: What is Mechanic’s Lien Risk?

By Dan Lopez on May 25, 2023
A mechanic’s lien is a legal right or claim against the property, filed, and held by a lienholder, without the necessity of filing a lawsuit and obtaining a judgment. Mechanics’ liens filed against real estate are customarily filed by a contractor, ...
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Religious Status of Property Owner Considered

By Mike Berey on January 29, 2019
A survey showed that a building under construction encroached up to 3.75 inches onto the Plaintiff Church’s property. Justice Modica of the Supreme Court, Queens County, serving as an Emergency Justice, held that the encroachments were not de minimis ...
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Nothing Is Predictable – It’s an Election Year!

By First American NCS on March 10, 2016
There is so much uncertainty globally that nothing is predictable! Economic factors impacting commercial real estate, such as record-high valuations and property pricing, rising interest rates, and an overall structural shift in the global economy are ...
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