Housing Predictions for 2012

Housing Predictions 2012 Title InsuranceIn 2008, the housing market came crashing down. Not just down, but all the way to the ground - and maybe even below that. However, economists have been resilient over the years and continue to predict a rise in sales going forward. Truthfully, the rebound has been slow. Too slow. But, in 2012, it is expected to climb out of the depths of debt and begin to resemble the market that we all were used to back in 2007.

Real estate closing is an important part of this process. Buyers need to finish deals, rather than continue to put off purchasing a home to the future. Although, that may not be financially responsible with mortgages becoming so hard to pay for. However, if Fannie Mae's 2012 predictions are correct, more people will find the funding to put down-payments on homes across the country.

In the company's most recent prediction, there is expected to be a complete turnaround in 2012. Fannie Mae is calling for housing sales to grow by 10.2 percent by the end of 2012. Buyers who are looking to purchase their first home should not hesitate, as the best deals may be the most prevalent in the upcoming months.