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Innovation and technology are reshaping the process of buying and selling property in the United States. First American is at the forefront of these changes, driving innovation to improve the customer experience, enhance security, accelerate transactions and make First American the preferred choice for title insurance and settlement services.

Technology, data and customer service combine to fuel innovation and growth in mortgage subservicing

By Bob Caruso on December 7, 2022
Mortgage servicing and subservicing are critical components of the mortgage lifecycle, perhaps even more so as the housing market decelerates. Like many other aspects of the mortgage finance industry, technology has created new opportunities to enhance the servicing industry and improve the borrower experience, while adding value to investors and ...
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Equipping Title Agents with Digital Platforms and Tools for a Changing Landscape

By Trey Dirks on November 17, 2022
While the housing market adjusts to higher mortgage rates and affordability challenges, many title agents are eager to adopt digital technologies and tools that can help them compete. With this in mind, First American Title recently launched its PRISM™ digital platform, allowing First American policy-issuing title agents to offer time-saving ...
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How First American’s leadership in data and analytics is accelerating AVM technologies

By Jon Wierks on October 17, 2022
Since their inception in the mid-1990s, automated valuation models (AVMs) have saved consumers, lenders, servicers, investors, and appraisal management companies (AMCs) hundreds of millions of dollars in cost and time, and have helped mitigate the potential risk of over- or under-valuing a property. AVMs are now commonly used by home buyers and ...
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Using NFTs in Real Estate - What’s Real and What’s Not

By Justin Earley on October 13, 2022
The application of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the tokenization of digital and physical assets continue to garner attention across industries, businesses, and governments, while prompting excitement among early adopters, and also confusion among many consumers. Both the interest and the confusion are warranted, as the technology has the ...
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Driving Adoption of Remote Online Notarization and Digital Real Estate Transactions

By Sally Taylor on September 14, 2022
The pandemic served as a great accelerator for innovation in how companies deliver products and services to their customers, including how title and settlement companies support the real estate transaction closing process. One major example of innovation is remote online notarization, or RON, a fully digital process in which the signer’s identity ...
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How Can Companies Foster a Collaborative Culture in Our Flexible Working World?

By Geraldine Ramezani on August 24, 2022
Earlier this year, First American unveiled a renovated building at its Santa Ana, California headquarters. The space has been a destination for collaboration on the corporate campus, leveraging innovative technologies while fostering the company’s people-first culture.
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