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Innovation and technology are reshaping the process of buying and selling property in the United States. First American is at the forefront of these changes, driving innovation to improve the customer experience, enhance security, accelerate transactions and make First American the preferred choice for title insurance and settlement services.

How Can Companies Foster a Collaborative Culture in Our Flexible Working World?

By Geraldine Ramezani on August 24, 2022
Earlier this year, First American unveiled a renovated building at its Santa Ana, California headquarters. The space has been a destination for collaboration on the corporate campus, leveraging innovative technologies while fostering the company’s people-first culture.
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How Innovation in Mortgage Technology Will Enable the Real Estate Transaction of the Future

By Nate Levin on July 20, 2022
Mortgage technology is one of the most important components of the real estate transaction’s digital transformation. Since real estate professionals and title and settlement providers work closely with lenders to facilitate transactions, staying close to and investing in mortgage technology provides insight into how each may need to evolve to ...
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Five Areas Real Estate Innovation Undeterred by Rising Mortgage Rates

By Paul Hurst on June 8, 2022
With mortgage rates on the rise, the U.S. residential real estate market has entered a period of transition after some of its best years on record. Will this transition lead to reduced investment in the innovation that has transformed mortgage finance and spawned a variety of new business models in recent years?
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How will Shifting Proptech Valuations Impact the Pace of Real Estate Innovation in 2022?

By Paul Hurst on May 10, 2022
In April, First American Chief Innovation Officer Paul Hurst participated in a panel discussion at Inman Connect in New York, discussing the shifting capital environment for public and private proptech companies. Hurst offers some highlights from the panel discussion, discusses what the re-rating of proptech valuations means for the pace of real ...
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The Preparation Before the Innovation – Five Steps to Boost Success in eClosing Implementation

By Fred Gooch on April 6, 2021
With mortgage rates expected to remain low by any historical standard and the ongoing millennial-driven wave of home-buying demand, housing market potential is poised for further growth in 2021. At the same time, the pandemic-driven acceleration of the adoption of a more digital home-buying experience only seems to intensify. Competition across ...
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From Clouded to Clarity – The Future of Digital Transformation in Commercial Real Estate Transactions

By Jayson Murray on October 28, 2020
Momentum toward the digital transformation of residential real estate transactions has been building for several years and has only accelerated amid the coronavirus pandemic, and now the foundations for a more digital commercial real estate transaction are emerging. The benefits of a more digital real estate transaction – an enhanced closing ...
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