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Uncertain Economic Outlook Keeps Renters Where They Are, Pushing Cap Rates Up

By Xander Snyder on May 23, 2023
In times of economic uncertainty, people tend to stay put. After all, why take on new financial obligations, like an apartment lease, when the future is less certain? Today, though unemployment remains low, inflation remains high, and the recent slew of layoffs at tech companies has many worried about their own financial position. The recent, ... Read More›

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Why it’s So Hard to Convert Offices into Housing

By Xander Snyder on April 13, 2023
At first glance, converting old office buildings into apartments seems like an obvious solution to two pressing real estate challenges. There’s a national housing shortage of several millions of housing units, and office space is substantially underutilized due to the adoption of remote work. Declining office use is a significant risk to office ... Read More›

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