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CRE X-Factor: For Commercial Real Estate, Banks Aren’t the Only Lender in Town

By Xander Snyder on May 9, 2023
When most people think of a loan, they think of a bank. Banks take deposits from customers in return for interest payments or other services. The bank then invests those deposits in loans, such as commercial real estate (CRE) loans, and securities that pay a higher interest rate than the bank is paying on the deposits. However, a bank is not the ... Read More›

Commercial Real Estate CRE X-Factor

CRE X-Factor: Analyzing the Commercial Real Estate Market Slowdown

By Xander Snyder on February 15, 2023
Several indicators now point firmly to a broad cooling in commercial real estate (CRE) markets. The extent of the cooling, however, varies meaningfully by asset class and geography. Read More›

Commercial Real Estate CRE X-Factor

CRE X-Factor: Where is Commercial Real Estate Deal Activity Heading in 2023?

By Xander Snyder on December 16, 2022
Several commercial real estate (CRE) fundamentals continued to soften in October. It was the second consecutive month where prices for multifamily, retail, and central business district (CBD) office sectors all declined on a month-over-month basis, though prices remain higher for all asset classes compared to October 2021.   Read More›

Commercial Real Estate Interest Rates CRE X-Factor