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Statute of Limitations and a Mortgagee in Possession

By Mike Berey on March 3, 2022
For a foreclosure commenced in 2010 the Plaintiff elected to call due to the entire amount secured by the mortgage. That action was dismissed in 2012. In 2016, Plaintiff brought an action under New York’s Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law Article ...
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Recognizing and Preventing Workplace Burnout

By Alex Weber on January 26, 2022
Irrespective of industry, pay grade, or job title, burnout continues to increase in the workplace. In fact, burnout has reportedly increased 24 percent from 2020, according to a recent study.
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Look odd? Think fraud.

By First American on December 6, 2021
Preventing wire fraud is an orchestrated effort. At the end of yet another unprecedented year of change and evolution, the commercial real estate industry continues to thrive. But with so many transactions closing – particularly as we look toward the end ...
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When There's Millions At Stake, It's All Down To The Wire

By First American NCS on November 2, 2021
We don’t just streamline your transaction. We protect it. Each year, we see more attempts to divert transactional funds directly into fraudsters bank accounts – and every year, these fraudsters get sneakier. In fact, scammers target a third of all title ...
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NY Statute (2019) Prohibiting Lease Provisions Waiving the Right to Bring a Declaratory Judgment Actions Held Not Retroactive

By Mike Berey on August 18, 2021
As noted by the Supreme Court, Kings County, the issuance of a Yellowstone injunction must be predicated on an action for a declaratory judgment. Leases entered into in 2010 provided that the tenants waived the right to bring declaratory judgment actions ...
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Waiver Not a Consent to Further Expansion of Zoning Lots

By Mike Berey on July 29, 2021
The ground lessee of tax Block 248 Lot 76 in New York County and its mortgagee, the Plaintiffs, objected to the expansion of a zoning lot which included tax lots 15 and 76. The Plaintiffs had each executed a Waiver of Declaration of Zoning Lot when those ...
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