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Q1 Investment Update (recording): Market Review and Outlook

By Trust Matters Editor on February 15, 2024
“…2023 was, was a great year for equities. The S&P 500 was up 26%, the Nasdaq was up 45%. Even the Russell 2000 small caps are up 17%, and bonds put up respectable mid-single digit returns as well. You're probably wondering how this all happened. Everyone was worried about a recession, and ironically that helped the setup,” said Scott Dudgeon. ... Read More

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First American Financial Corporation Recognized as Top Employer at Chapman University

By Trust Matters Editor on February 15, 2024
First American Financial Corporation was recognized as one of Chapman University’s Top Employers of 2024. Read More


Understanding Required Minimum Distributions

By Trust Matters Editor on February 15, 2024
During the past three years, the retirement industry has experienced unprecedented changes. For industry professionals, like those of us at First American Trust, it is a complex task to understand and digest all of these changes. For the consumer, we know it is even more challenging. A Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) is the amount that must be ... Read More


IPSF 2023 Top 100 Corporate and Community Partners

By Trust Matters Editor on February 9, 2024
First American Trust is proud to be recognized by Irvine Public Schools Foundation (IPSF) on its annual list of Top 100 Corporate and Community Partners Supporting Education Excellence. On the IPSF Top Companies list, First American Trust is joined by organizations such as Experian, FUTEK,, and Hoag Orthopedic Institute. These companies ... Read More

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Market Review Q4 and 2024 Outlook

By Trust Matters Editor on January 24, 2024
Global equities and bonds rose in the fourth quarter of 2023, capping a year of outsized gains in the former and avoiding another year of negative returns in the latter. The broad fourth quarter rally across risk assets was driven by a dramatic change in Federal Reserve tone from continued monetary tightening toward potential upcoming rate cuts on ... Read More


S&P 500 Falls Short of Record Despite Weekly Gain

By Trust Matters Editor on January 17, 2024
“Our concern is with market valuations, especially right at record highs, when the economy is not as strong as it was,” said Jerry Braakman, chief investment officer at First American Trust. Read More


Gold’s moves show ‘Fed policy trumps geopolitics’ in the futures market

By Trust Matters Editor on January 8, 2024
"While the Fed has broadcast that the federal funds rate is likely to drop later this year, Friday’s jobs report “supports the soft landing and higher-for-longer stance many were hoping for,” he said. “That’s not positive for gold,” as the metal normally reacts best to lower rates, a weaker dollar, and slower economic growth, Braakman told ... Read More


Year-End Tax Planning and Other Important Considerations for 2023/2024

By Trust Matters Editor on December 7, 2023
First American Trust’s David Yoo, Director of Tax and Financial Planning, and Beth Vasquez, Chief Fiduciary Officer and Legal Counsel, discuss topics related to tax planning, strategies, and what to prepare for in the following tax year. Watch the recording below from our Executive Webinar Series to learn more about the following: Year-end tax ... Read More

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Q4 Investment Update (recording): A Review of the Current Market and the Implications of Recent Inflation and Interest Rates Movements

By Trust Matters Editor on November 16, 2023
“...the S&P 500 has had a strong year on the back of an almost opposite effect last year….the S&P kind of hit a high right at the end of 2021 and then was in a bear market last year where values came down. And then, partly through this year, it started rebounding,” stated Jerry Braakman. Jerry Braakman, President and Chief Investment ... Read More

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Defusing Disaster

By Trust Matters Editor on October 31, 2023
Decedents sometimes leave an estate plan that creates more problems than it solves. Under the laws of most states, various judicial and nonjudicial options exist with which to repair estate planning defects after-the-fact. It is important to our practices that we have a comprehensive understanding of the following potential solutions: Trust ... Read More

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Market Review Q3 2023

By Trust Matters Editor on October 27, 2023
The second half of the year got off to a rocky start as equities suffered a broad decline in Q3-2023 as technology stocks came off the boil and market interest rates spiked. The market narrative shifted away from the much talked about “soft-landing” as continued economic strength and slowing disinflation forced investors to contemplate what ... Read More


Fortune Best Workplaces for Women™ 2023

By Trust Matters Editor on October 25, 2023
We are proud to be named to the Fortune Best Workplaces for Women™ 2023 list. Read More

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