3 Tips to Find Motivated Home Sellers

Written by: FirstAm Editor on Fri, Jan 25, 2013

Purchasing a house may seem like a daunting task, but homebuyers can conduct research to find affordable properties. In fact, there are several indicators that propertyhomebuyers search for house online buyers can look for to determine if a seller may be motivated to move quickly. 

Check out the following tips to learn how to spot an anxious home seller. 

1. Review lists of pending foreclosures in your area

You can obtain information about upcoming foreclosures in your community from real estate offices and lenders. Additionally, a list of pending foreclosures is published in the classified notices in newspapers every week. 

If you find a foreclosed home that you like, contact the people on the list immediately. Sellers who are trying to get rid of foreclosed residences are often motivated to move their properties as they try to resolve their financial issues. 

2. Work with a real estate agent to evaluate the current real estate market

Real estate professionals may help you find the home of your dreams and can provide valuable insight into properties. In fact, these specialists will check the listings in your area and may offer background information about the sellers' desire to move the residence. 

Determine where you would like to purchase a home and proceed accordingly. If you find a house you would like to pursue, check the listing date of the property before you contact real estate professionals for assistance. Homeowners who have residences that have been available for extended periods of time may be anxious and motivated to sell, and you may receive substantial savings if you purchase this property.  

3. Examine the costs of homes in the area

While some homeowners keep their houses on the real estate market for years, these people also could reduce the price of their properties during that time. Evaluate how the price of a home has fallen over the past few years to see how frequently the seller has made adjustments. You also can review home values in the area to determine if the residence's price corresponds to its market value. 

Complete a comprehensive assessment of your personal finances before you make an offer to a home seller. It is important to remember that closing expenses, title insurance and other fees are included in the final cost of a residence. Analyze your budget to avoid long-term financial issues, and in no time, you can purchase your ideal home.

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